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International Investment Banking & Consulting

International Investment Banking & Consulting

Global Discovery Group has collaborated with corporations to organize private-to-public offerings around the globe.

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Leave The Business of Being Public to Us

Leave The Business of Being Public to Us

At Global Discovery Group, your success is our main objective. Don’t get bogged down public procedure and focus on your business

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Maintain a Healthy Market Cap & Grow Interest in Your Stock

Maintain a Healthy Market Cap & Grow Interest in Your Stock

We have over 20 years experience in public relations and marketing of new issues. Attracting and maintaining a strong investor base is paramount.

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Access to Capital

Weather you are looking for startup capital, or a secondary funding, from debt,  to mezzanine, to equity, we can lead you to it.

Market Performance

Liquidity is temporary. Efficiency is permanent. We can build an efficient market for your stock, based on performance and potential.  

It's a Global Economy

As a publicly traded company, you will have the ability to capitalize and engage with investors and shareholders around the world.  

Credibility and Valuation

As a fully reporting US GAAP compliant corporation, you will gain credibility, and a valuation multiples over your non public peers.

Acquisitions With Stock

You don’t need cash to buy companies or services any longer.  Utilize your newly found currency of being a public company.  Your Stock

Surrounded by the Best

“I surround myself with the smartest people” – Kevin O’Leary Attract the best people with “ESOP’s” employee stock option plans.