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Growth is never by chance; It's the result of intelligent forces working together.

Global Discovery Group, Inc., an international business consulting & marketing firm based in Miami, Florida, was founded with the purpose of helping small to mid cap companies succeed while avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with trying to run the public, and operational sides of a business at the same time.  

We are an elite team of financial industry experts and leaders with decades of experience in work with emerging growth companies in all aspects of a funded, private to public, transaction with post listing market support in a global, or a-la-cart capacity.

Our ideal client is one who has strong management, innovation, strategy, and overall potential for long- term growth.

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We enable you to thrive in the public markets.

Public Listing


Mergers & Acquisitions

Stock Marketing

Product Marketing

Corporate Diligence

Public Listings

Considering taking your company public? There are many advantages of listing your shares for sale on a stock exchange. Our team will guide you through all aspects of the transition and create the best team of professionals to help you while keeping your bottom line at heart.


We work with investment banks and hedge funds with a sweet spot of investing $3-30 million in companies attaining a public listing. We are also able to arrange for bridge financing. We never work with low level brokers or placement agents. We take you right to the decision makers of the funds.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In business, there is a conquerer and the conquered. Our team can help locate and negotiate transactions to ensure you come out victorious. These are tricky waters. Our team has decades of experience with M&A transactions and the financing that makes them happen.

Creative Media Marketing

Did you know that utilizing stock promoters who send bulk emails, fax, and sms can get your company delisted and sued? Our creative media campaigns target the shareholders of your blue chip public company peers, bringing you, your ultimate demographic of long term investors.

Product Marketing

Global Discovery Group can also market your products and services to their ideal customer. Our social media channels are comprised of hundreds of thousands of followers, and our pay per click marketing can be demographically targeted to meet your ideal customer.

Corporate Dilligence

Leave the public side to us and focus on your business. Don’t get bogged down with the day to day operations associated with running a public company. We will organize the transfer agents, corporate printing, filings, and shareholder Q&A, etc… You grow the company.

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